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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Imus: Autism's Hero????

I was recently disgusted when I heard this comment about CBS:

Imus Talks About CBS

I am more terrified at the comments that are on regarding hatred of the Jewish people that you can read below that video: click here to read. We all know where stereotyping leads and has lead.

Is this the kind of hero and advocate that autism needs? Someone who hates Jews? Someone who one might deduce, "hates" autistic people? Is this the right way to promote tolerance of our children?

We should all be skeptical about who is talking for whom.

What have we learned about tolerance in allowing such intolerance?



In the last hour, the comments I referred to above (the antisemitic comments and video) have suddenly disappeared.
I saved the following comment sent directly to me from my email box from someone named "fullstemahead." This was one of the many antisemitic comments on the YouTube comments section under the Imus video where Imus was targetting CBS's "Jewish Management." Here is the one comment I saved directed at me:

This coming from a semite. You proud of yourself? Anti-semitism is a moral imperative. Semitic-supremacism must be challenged at every corner. Semite-supremacism will not stand when good people speak up. Thankyou, Mr. Imus for taking a stand for the world. You're one of those fake conservative Harper kooks, likely, like our neocons, insanely pandering to jewish-supremacist cells. How do you like your Adlers, your western standards and your global TV, run by jews, and that spew more hatred for every gentile on the planet. Those semites who have turned the once beloved Canada into a globally ostracized hatefest. Who are you to talk about "hate"? Hate is what were stopping...You Nazi...Shame. Shame!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So was that Imus using the ID "fullstemahead"? I wonder what his opinion is of those comments. I wonder if he thinks they're cute like he obviously thought his own gang's comments for TV cameras were cute.

3:33 AM  
Anonymous scared of skinheads said...

I wonder what Lenny Schafer thinks of Imus now?

3:34 AM  

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