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Monday, April 07, 2008


In Support of Kathleen Seidel And Her Work

For her outstanding research, our dear friend Kathleen Seidel is being subpoenaed because of her exposure of the nonsensical vaccine controversy which you can also read at Respectful Insolence.

Subpoenaed · Apr 3, 08:45 AM

A week ago yesterday, I was served a subpoena commanding me to appear for deposition and document production in Rev. Lisa Sykes and Seth Sykes’ $20,000,000 personal injury lawsuit, Sykes v. Bayer (Case No. 3:07-CV-660, Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division). On Monday, March 31, I filed the following Motion to Quash pro se in the United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire. The motion has been assigned to Magistrate Judge James R. Muirhead for consideration; the issuing attorney, Mr. Clifford Shoemaker, has two weeks in which to respond.

I urge readers to read her motion to quash the subpoena here.

Kathleen is a fastidious researcher, and it is truly frightening how far certain parties are willing to go to prove that vaccines cause autism, which science has proven otherwise.

I also appreciate this video by Stop Think Autism: "I am also Kathleen" :

Which leads me to a point that Jenny McCarthy raised on Larry King when she held up her "vaccination chart." She held up a sign of what appeared to be a list of twenty vaccines our kids supposedly receive as young toddlers. But hey, Adam didn't receive all those vaccines. He may have received maybe four of them. And recently, he got his polio shot as he turns six. Similarly, as I wrote in my essay, The Mismeasure of Autism: The Basis of Autism Advocacy, I would like to remind readers of the hundreds of unproven "therapies" and holistic and medical potions administered to many autistic kids today in order to "detox" our apparently "enviornmentally toxic" kids. I wonder how "safe" they are?? If it weren't for Kathleen and the other reputable scientists working on behalf of protecting our children's health and their fundamental right to be autistic and treated with respect, I would not know where Adam would end up except in the hands of people who might literally torture him with their inhumane methods.

All I can say is the rot is rising and it sure stinks.


Blogger Club 166 said...

...I would like to remind readers of the hundreds of unproven "therapies" and holistic and medical potions administered to many autistic kids today in order to "detox" our apparently "enviornmentally toxic" kids. I wonder how "safe" they are?? ...

Excellent point, and one I wish those "debating" the likes of Jenny McCarthy would bring up for discussion.


10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not stepping in to defend Jenny McCarthy at all, but my daughter (who has autism) received 21 vaccinations before she was 18 months old. Even if you just group together the vaccines (all the Hep B's, all the DTP's, etc), she received eight "groups".

My child had extreme reactions to the vaccinations and I kept telling our pediatrician and they kept saying I was crazy. This was before I had any idea that she might have autism (though we knew sensory issues SEVERELY affected her life and I felt a serious disconnect between she and I) and before I had ever heard that vaccines were at all controversial. I was simply told I was imagining it. I have the medical records to prove I was not.

It is hard for me to fully believe that they didn't play some role in the development of the sensory issues and the autism simply because I haven't known my daughter without vaccines as she was first vaccinated at five days old. Also, it's seemed difficult to gain access to any information besides the CDC's pat on my head asking me to trust them on why and how vaccines are safe. I really have tried to read both sides. Do you have links to where I can read information that backs up the idea that all these vaccines so early on doesn't hurt our children in any way? (I really hope you are reading this with the sincere tone I intend and know that I am not trying to debate - I really want to learn!!)

I am trying to stay out of this much debated topic because I am trying to get my daughter the help she needs to do well in life as an independent adult, not find out where autism came from. I am trying to understand her better and your writing has helped me do this. Thank you for writing about your son and about how you feel about autism and vaccines, and of course your son. I am reading and learning from you both.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Foresam said...

I thought Kathleen was a librarian. When did she become a scientist?

11:54 AM  
Blogger David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

"I thought Kathleen was a librarian. When did she become a scientist?"

Obviously JBJr doesn't know his elbow from his arsehole.

Kathleen has a MLIS degree (Master of Librarianship & Information Science). This does not mean that she tells people to be quiet and collects books and reshelves them. Rather, it means that she is qualified to run a library and plan the services; she is also qualified to handle information and sort it, to understand that information and to work with it in order to make it, say, publishable. This much and more, actually.

JBJr would know that if he had a real university education.

12:54 PM  
Blogger fledchen said...

Is there a chance that transcripts will be made of these videos? I am legally blind and can not read the text.

2:26 PM  
Blogger geosaru said...


I understand what it is to have doctors brush you off like you don't know what you're talking about. A few years ago I was prescribed an anti-depressant, and within two weeks I told the doctor about how it was making it really hard to concentrate (mainly because it was making me unable to minimally function without eating way too much) and that I was feeling suicidal even though my life was better at that point than it ever had been. He told me it didn't make any sense and doubled the dosage. Fortunately for me, I disregarded this and stopped taking them - but stopping altogether at once can present its own problems, and I had a miserable time physically and emotionally just trying to pass 9th grade.

One thing I have wondered is if autistic people, by nature of the sensory sensitivities, would be more likely to become visibly upset by vaccine reactions, which occur at small percentages throughout the population. Kind of, rather than the vaccines causing them to be autistic, the fact that they're autistic to begin with makes them less able to handle the vaccine reaction (I know when I'm sick, I'm extremely more sensitive to the pain of it, and people have accused me of over-exaggerating illness because of it). There's no real evidence of anything like that, though, I'm just guessing. I think the main reason why people have thought there to be a causation is because they first see a correlation - a number have reported that their kid started appearing autistic within a day or two of having a shot. Of course, autism usually isn't noticeable until 18 months anyway, so such a correlation would be expected. The main thing to remember - the first thing any scientist or evaluator of scientific date must remember - is that correlation does not equal causation.

Also, with vaccines, the diseases they prevent are far worse than anything that comes with being autistic. Young kids, before these vaccines, would die of these illnesses, or else have encephalopathy or some such left over. There have also been a number of people who report that their children didn't have vaccines but were autistic anyway, and I've heard parents say that after their first kid, they stopped vaccinating, but their next kid was autistic anyway, so the one that was vaccinated wasn't but the one that wasn't vaccinated was. Since many parents cite anecdotal evidence of their kid showing signs of being autistic right after the shots as being important indicators, then certainly this anecdotal evidence of other parents ought not to be ignored and hold equal weight.

Basically, there's a lack of evidence to establish a reasonable causation and the risk of not vaccinating is greater than the risk of vaccinating, even if it were 100% true that vaccines caused autism. Some people say they'd rather their kid suffered illness a short time than be autistic for a lifetime, and that deaths of the illnesses were rare, but I would suggest that these people go up to the parents of the children who died and tell them that. Of course, thanks to vaccines, they'd have a hard time finding those parents.

And as far as vaccines not hurting any children in any way, it is already known that vaccine reactions do occur, so yes some people suffer ill effects, but these aren't fatal, and there is no evidence that autism is among them. And considering the tremendous benefit overall, the one thing we do know about vaccines is they prevent many deaths and terrible illnesses. (I hate it too when doctors and other such officials try to just tell us they know better without explaining why - the CDC people could really be taking a clue from Kathleen Seidel or any of a number of bloggers who write about the scientific reports and data, and explain with clear, logical arguments what's going on).

On the topic of these videos, they were great. This is a terribly dirty (il)legal trick that just smacks of McCarthyism.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Do'C said...

Thank you for showing these videos Estee.

11:52 PM  

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