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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Virtual Learning Options in Ontario

While my own son is only five, and attends a regular school with a shadow, I anxiously anticipate high school...already. Many autistic teenagers I know are having a rough time in high school. It's a time when peer pressure is at its highest, and one's difference and lack of sensitivity and understanding about autism can really pack a punch. We often see a rise of "behvaiours" as a result of high school, and quite frankly, with the inhospitable integration we currently have set up in our schools, high school just ain't fair for our autistic youth. Still, the onus sits upon the autistic to "change" and "be normal," while the rest glide by with insensivity.

While we all know we need to change that, people need options. I don't know how many will be available in the future and I think of many autistic youth today -- who could achieve at high school, given the right patience and accommodations.

People tend to think of homeschooling as a cop-out or as a failure. I beg to differ. Take a look and subscribe to Life Learners magazine to see how homeschoolers are succeeding in higher education and in society.

Also, there are virtual options that may be quite suitable for many autistic learners. The social piece may seem to be missing, but what's so great about the social piece if no one cares to understand autism and one's autistic child is not thriving in the environment? I would rather Adam go to many other wonderful supportive "social" environments that exist and that accept him. So, if you are looking for options, share them here and take a look at The Virtual Learning Centre, which partners with the Ministry of Education for more options in getting through high school.


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And virtual learning options in the States:

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