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Monday, July 16, 2007


Autistic Planet

***** (five stars)

Autistic Planet is a children's book written by Jennifer Elder, book publisher and mother and wife of Paul Collin's author of Not Even Wrong: Adventures In Autism. Not only did I love Paul's book (I have been quoting from it for the past four-and-a- half years), but I am raving about Jennifer's. When have I been able to sit down with a book that REALLY captured Adam's attention, particularly at this part:

"We don't do something one time, when...
...We can do it over and over again!"

and this part:

"Our love of music is so strong
That when we hear a great new song
We memorize each word we hear
Go home and play it back by ear."

and this part, Adam's eyes brightening:

"There's nothing hot in 'aut' cuisine
Lumpy, gooey, brown or green,
The only food to pass our lips
Are popcorn and potato chips."

Yes that one really caught Adam's attention. I can't recall if that one topped the bit on watching the weather reports.

I will take this book to Adam's camp and Adam's school. I will buy copies for his teachers if I have to and highly recommend that every teacher reads it in class. The book is lovely and affirming -- not your typical kids book about accepting that "poor" disabled kid they see in their school, or some that even proclaim acceptance entangled with raising money for a cure (thereby implying that autism is a bad thing). No, this one makes you want to live on the autistic planet for,

" the end of every day,
We flap our wings and fly away."

When do autistic kids get to read wonderful things about themselves that they can share with their peers to say how GREAT it is to be them -- to leave others perhaps even wanting to be them? Thanks to Jennifer, she made it happen and as a parent, I am grateful for her book. Every night, Adam and I will read Autistic Planet and talk about how great his world is, and how lucky we both are.

Everyone is welcome on "Autistic Planet" and if you haven't paid a visit yet, I highly recommend you do.


Blogger Bev said...

Thanks Estee,
I'm going to the bookstore tonight to check this out. I plan on getting a copy for myself and one for the clinic near here that works with autistic kids.

I hope it has something about loving letters and...numbers.

4:29 PM  
Blogger neroli said...

Thank you, Estee, for your wonderful work here.
This book looks so very wonderful and of much use as well. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
I will definitely be purchasing it---perhaps in multiple quantities!

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please go to

We have a new petition set up as our old one expired. Please sign again if you want to support a change of the law when they deal with people who have Aspergers Syndrome.


The Site Manager

1:24 PM  

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