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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Is It Artism or Autism?

Instead of using the speech he prepared for opening night below, Larry typed in his words on his computer, on the spot. Here is the prepared speech he was thinking of using, but didn't. It asks the perennial question: Is it Artism or Autism?

Larry Bissonnette asks the question, am I artist potentially because of mental and neurological traits of autism or possibly am I an artist because of obvious natural talent?

All it comes around to is awesome perspective that an artist can get on world's sights, sounds, and smells. Wearing an old shirt and grabbing a paintbrush is like letting go of closed in feelings and applying lavish amounts of attention on pure creative impulses.

Sawing wood for frames also lets relatively simple task of hands working with tools assume status of artistic worth because paintings are represented by their images and the lifegiving frames around them.

I waltz into Toronto enjoying lots of international travel so I hope it's the same crossing borders experience for all of you."

Larry Bissonnette's work is on display at The Lonsdale Gallery at 410 Spadina Road, Toronto.


Anonymous Camille said...

On the AWARES conference site, researcher Martha Herbert expressed dismay that anyone would consider being called "a toxic trainwreck" or just "toxic" offensive.

???? Herbert was told that a mercury mom called her child "a toxic train wreck" in a public web forum, and Herbert thought that was normal and OK.


Martha Herbert is at Harvard! Yes, she's some kind of lap dog for the DAN! bunch, and takes funding from DAN! but she's also supposed to be very "wholistic" and loving.

People like her are just spreading bigotry against autistics and yet claim that they have love and respect for autistics and they want... to help... they want... some more thousands of research dollars....


2:22 PM  

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