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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Dr. Phil's "Extreme Disorders"

Please go to side and click on Autism Edges blog for a review of Dr. Phil's good ol' Hollywood style. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the show, but am concerned about this sensationalist approaches to autism...who says disability doesn't pay? Dr. Phil is making loads!

Fortunately, a CTV program here in Canada called Vicki Gabereau interviewed Temple Grandin and the mother/author of Artism. It was inquisitive and intelligent.


Blogger James Mom said...

I saw the Dr. Phil show and immediately sent him an email that he missed the boat by failing to fully explain the nature of the violence of that particular child.

I feel that show has done an injustice to all children and teens diagnosed in the category of autism; scaring the already ignorant public who will only shun these kids with even more conviction.

We can not protect our son from the reality of the world we can only prepare him for it. We strive extreemly hard to wrap him in happiness and encouragement. I don't deny that he has his moments (usually caused by social rejection and ignorance)!
Home happens to be the only safe place for him to release that pent up frustration and cry his heart out. Although he may direct his anger "at me" providing I remain the adult and maintain my composure I do not become the target of his anger!
Instead I am ever vigilant; ready for his release, embrace and apology.

Unfortunately for the boy in the show it is the parents who need the education!

11:27 PM  
Blogger hollywoodjaded said...

Hey -- really like your view point on your blog posts here. How is it I did not find it till tonight? Ah, well, I do have a small, silly, perhaps snarky comment: Please do not blame "Hollywood" for Phil McGraw. He's pure Texas through and through! I've lived in both places, btw. In fact, Dallas in the 70s was more "Hollywood" than actual Hollywood ever was. Anyway, I digress, but just want to reiterate that I like the POV you've taken in addressing the primary subject matter of your blog.

11:15 PM  

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